Tam Tam Media

Convergent Media Consultancy, Investment and Territory Representation

What we do

Tam Tam Media offers consultancy and outsourced business development across the range of digital content and ad tech.

We look for the most innovative content and ad tech startups. We then help those ambitious companies monetize their innovations and become profitable international businesses.

Our team’s experience embraces Video, Audio and text Content Creation, Apps, Mobile and Social. Our expertise includes Display, Audio, Video and Programmatic ad tech, OTT video and data insights.

With contacts across agencies, brands and the convergent multiverse, TTM cuts through the hype around the latest digital buzzwords to deliver services and concrete strategies that grow brand equity, company value, market share and revenues.


Through investment, consultancy and outsourced sales representation, Tam Tam Media has built new entrants and early-stage businesses into market leaders in the UK.

Recent successes include Integral Ad Science and Wicket Labs.

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