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Tam Tam consults on international business development for this Nielsen-backed startup in the Connected TV advertising space.

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Tam Tam ran the UK market entry and became an investor in this trailblazing brand safety and inventory intelligence business.


Tam Tam built IAS into UK market leader, securing a multi-million dollar pipeline with agencies, trade desks and publishers which added substantially to the company's valuation.


IAS was acquired for a reported $850 million.

Tam Tam Media invested in this ground-breaking data science company in the adtech space.

Tam Tam also led the company's UK business, building market share, awareness and sales pipeline with major media agencies and brands.

Dstillery's ID-Free targeting product is now a market-leader in privacy-safe digital advertising

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Tam Tam Media is an investor in this fast-growing adtech startup which generates and monetizes highly viewable, premium display ad impressions.


Tam Tam also led Duration's first international expansion, building brand awareness, reputation and winning major publisher clients in the UK.


Tam Tam Media ran the UK and global growth of this innovative, international crowd-sourced video business, winning prestigious multinational clients from Mexico to Singapore, including the prestigious and innovative annual Nespresso Talents film contest.


Clients won included Diageo, Ford, Nespresso, Tic Tac, Audi, Huawei, Nutella, Lamborghini, WWF, the United Nations and more.

Clients: Clients
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Tam Tam Media led the EMEA entry of this innovative data insights startup in the OTT video space.


Tam Tam established brand awareness and market share, helping to building a pipeline with a range of clients from niche startups to sports rights holders, video platforms and major broadcasters.


Tam Tam helped Wicket Labs to quickly gain market leadership, key in a successful trade sale to Brightcove.

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